Single Real Estate

Independence is more important today than ever before. Many of us are business owners, choosing to marry later in life or not at all. Remaining single after divorce or death of our spouse is a choice of many. Selecting cities and communities that offer the lifestyle we are searching

Questions arise such as: Should I reduce maintenance and minimize expenses with a condo or townhouse? Do I need a home with a yard important? Where does location come into play? How much down payment do I need? What if I find “Mr. or Mrs. Right” ? My credit was damaged in divorce, what can I do to keep from renting? Is new better than a resale?

It is my every intention to help make the process as smooth and successful for you as possible. To look beyond the purchase of a home as a transaction and treat it as a life decision that will be an important part of your overall happiness and a way to build wealth for your future…whatever that may be. You deserve to walk through this process with assurance, that you are in good hands. Together with immense critical planning we will embark on a exciting new adventure.