Single Real Estate

Looking for real estate in South Carolina?

Independence is more important today than ever before. Many of us are business owners, choosing to marry later in life or not at all. Remaining single after divorce or death of our spouse is a choice of many. Choosing the right city and community to fit your lifestyle is more important than ever. With questions about maintenance, expenses, and location, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect home.

Do you need a yard or would a condo or townhouse suit your needs better? How much down payment do you need and what if your credit has been damaged in a divorce? And what about the eternal question of new versus resale?

Don’t worry, Rozalyn Franklin with the RMF Realty Team is here to help. With her expertise and critical planning, she can make this process as smooth and successful as possible. Let’s look beyond the transaction and treat this decision as a life choice that will contribute to your overall happiness and financial security. With guidance, you can be confident in the decisions you make. Let’s embark on this exciting new adventure together! #SCrealestate, #homebuying, #newhome, #realestateadvice, #independentliving, #homeownership, #wealthbuilding,

You deserve to walk through this process with assurance, that you are in good hands. Together with immense critical planning we will embark on a exciting new adventure.

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