How To Maximize Space in a Small Garage

How To Maximize Space in a Small

Garage Space

If it seems that new homes these days have included garages better suited for a tonka truck than a real one, it’s not your imagination. With land at a premium, home builders can maximize the living space square footage by skimping on the garage size. As a result, many homeowners are lucky to fit one car in their two-car garage. But there are ways to make the most of the space you have by employing a few simple tips.

Maximize the Space in a Small Garage:

1 – Use the wall space by adding brackets, hooks, or shelves

2 – Add overhead storage racks. One nice change from the older garages is
taller ceilings.

3 – Organize sports equipment like balls, bats, workout equipment, and other
items that take up space because they are dropped in random locations.

4 – Buy a tool tower and keep those yard tools with long handles from falling
or cluttering the garage.

5 – Line the walls with pegboards. It’s an inexpensive way to keep small
tools organized

6 – Keep it clean. Half the battle with all garages is the ever-expanding stuff.
Create a routine to do a deep clean/tidy on a regular basis

7 – If room permits, add an outdoor shed or other storage structure to a side
yard to store bulky items, such as holiday decorations.