Divorce Real Estate

Divorce is an exercise in. learning what you don’t know about what you don’t know. Change is inevitable. Emotions run high and can make us do strange things, especially when your life is in chaos, and we don’t know what will come next. It is a natural reaction for people to focus on what’s in front of them and not on the life that will follow. Deciding what to do with the marital home in divorce, who stays, and who leaves are some of the most challenging decisions divorcing couples must face. Our unique service, The Marital Home Consult, provides an opportunity to examine all options with a neutral third-party. As real estate professional’s our primary goal is to assist you in establishing the best real estate decision for you. Through individual or group meetings, we assess the current real estate situation, establish each person’s goals, strategize options, walk down the path to explore what those options would be like, create a consensus and develop a plan to reach it.