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Divorce can be a daunting exercise in discovering what you don’t know about what you don’t know. It’s a time of change and emotional turbulence that can cause people to act in unexpected ways. Amidst this phase, it’s common to concentrate on pressing issues, often overlooking future implications. Nonetheless, one of the most daunting challenges that couples encounter is deciding the fate of their marital home.

Our service, The Marital Home Consult, is designed to assist South Carolina divorcing couples in making informed decisions about their real estate options. As neutral third-party Divorce real estate professionals. We can guide you through the process of assessing your current situation, establishing your goals, and strategizing your options. Through individual or group meetings, we help you explore the potential outcomes of each option. Develop a unified plan to accomplish your goals.

If you’re going through a divorce in South Carolina and need guidance on what to do with your marital home. Our consultation service can provide you with the support you need to make the best Divorce real estate Expert decision for your situation.
  • Property Valuation Analysis: Provide expert assessments of the current market value of the marital home. This would involve a comprehensive analysis of the property. Including its condition, location, market trends, and comparable sales in the area.

  • Legal and Financial Implications Consultation: Offer guidance on the legal and financial implications of various options. Options under consideration include selling the property. Alternatively, one party may buy out the other’s share. Or both parties may opt to retain joint ownership of the property.

  • Mediation Services for Property Division: Assist in mediating discussions between parties to reach a mutually agreeable decision regarding the property. This could help in facilitating a smoother negotiation process.

  • Tax Implications Assessment: Provide advice on potential tax consequences of different decisions relating to the property. Including capital gains tax considerations.

  • Referrals to Other Divorce Professionals: In the event that selling the home is the decided course of action. We can connect you with reputable divorce professionals. This encompasses referrals to reliable Divorce Attorneys, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA®), Divorce Counselors, and Certified Divorce Mortgage Brokers. All aimed at facilitating a smoother and better-informed process for your transactions.

  • Market Trend Analysis: Offer insights into current real estate market trends in South Carolina. Helping clients understand how these trends might impact their decisions.

  • Post-Divorce Housing Plan: Assist clients in developing a plan for their housing situation post-divorce. Whether that involves buying a new home, renting, or other arrangements.

  • Customized Strategy Development: Work with clients to develop a personalized strategy that aligns with their individual goals, financial situation, and emotional well-being.

  • Collaboration with Legal Advisors: Coordinate with clients’ legal representatives to ensure that real estate decisions are aligned with the overall divorce settlement.

  • Educational Resources and Workshops: Provide educational materials, workshops, or seminars on managing real estate during a divorce. Including steps to take, common pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for protecting one’s financial interests.

  • Emotional Support and Guidance: Recognizing the emotional challenges of divorce. Offer support and guidance to help clients navigate the emotional aspects of making decisions about their marital home.

  • Post-Divorce Follow-up Services: Offer follow-up services post-divorce to assist with any additional real estate needs or questions that may arise after the settlement.

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